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Caesarstone, an Engineered Marvel

Caesarstone continues to grow in popularity for homeowners and contractors seeking a beautiful, low maintenance surface for kitchens, bathrooms, or other sink and counter areas.

Because it is an affordable, durable engineered stone, Caesarstone is also widely used in outdoor hardscapes. It’s also available in a range of styles and a rainbow of colors.

Caesarstone has a “chameleon” quality – some styles resemble granite, others look like marble, and still others have the appearance of travertine. This is because Caesarstone is an engineered product that combines crushed quartz and colorful semi-precious stone with durable clear polymers to create stunning countertop surfaces that can take a lot of punishment.

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The Benefits of Caesarstone

Caesarstone was one of the first engineered stone surfaces available commercially. It was developed in 1987 at an Israeli kibbutz, where it continues to be manufactured today.

Caesarstone is made from 93 percent crushed quartz bonded together with pigments and high-quality polymer resins. Since quartz is one of nature’s hardest materials, the finished product is extremely durable. It resists stains and high temperatures and will not break or chip.

Caesarstone is also:

• Non-porous and resistant to mold and mildew, making it ideal for countertops and other surfaces that get wet.

• Available in a variety of thicknesses and fabricated with few or no unsightly seams.

• Offered in a range of styles. Some styles may feature no color variation. Others may resemble natural stone, or display semi-precious stones.

• Engineered to a very high quality. Caesarstone has no color flaws, unlike natural stone.

• A product that requires no sealing, unlike natural stone.

When budget is a concern, Caesarstone is an economical option. Want to learn how Caesarstone countertops and surfaces fit into your home or business remodeling project, or in new construction? Call a representative of Fox Marble today at 415-671-1149

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Caesarstone Countertops and Cooktop
Caesarstone Countertops and Cooktop
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Caesarstone Blizzard Table
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Caesarstone Fireplace
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Caesarstone Dual Sink



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