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Granite Countertop Seal and Restoration Work by Fox Marble

Granite countertop seal and restoration work is necessary for most granite countertops over time. Although granite is durable, it can sustain damage if not properly maintained. Also, the sealant will eventually wear off, leaving granite countertops susceptible to stains and chips.

Granite countertop seal and restoration services from Fox Marble focus on reviving your countertops to their original beauty and protecting them from future damage.

For 25 years, Fox Marble has been providing stone products and services such as granite countertop sealing and restoration to San Francisco Bay area homes and businesses, and to homeowners and business owners throughout Northern California.

If you need granite countertop seal or restoration services for your kitchen, bathroom or other work area, contact Fox Marble today by email or at 415-671-1149.

Why Granite Countertop Seal and Restoration Services Are Needed

Granite countertops can be damaged by:
Improper cleaning materials. Granite should be cleaned only with water (you can use very mild soap if you wish), and then wiped once a week with a damp cloth and a pH-neutral cleaner made especially for stone. Harsh household cleaners will scratch, etch and pit the surface of the stone, and erode the sealant.
A sharp object or heavy high-impact blow. Granite is a crystalline surface and will chip with a hard enough blow.
Non-evaporative liquids like oil. If you don’t wipe up a cooking oil spill within a few minutes, the oil will absorb into the stone and cause a stain.
Allowing the sealant to wear off without re-applying it. This leaves your granite much more vulnerable to staining, pits and chips.

Luckily, most any minor damage caused to stone countertops – even oil stains and chips – can be repaired by Fox Marble restoration specialists. We then seal your granite countertop and provide you with proper granite care instructions to prevent future damage.

Contact Fox Marble today for granite countertop sealing and restoration services. We service most areas of Northern California, including all of the San Francisco Bay Area – Berkeley, Burlingame, Oakland, Marin County, and Atherton areas. Call us at 415-671-1149 or email us.[/text]




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