NEOLITH Countertops & Surfaces


Produced from compact sintered porcelain, Neolith surfaces are highly heat resistant, acid & chemical resistant, UV stable and unbelievably strong, therefore very durable and easy to maintain for multiple surface, both indoors and out.



Neolith Slabs are produced by THESIZE in Spain who are pioneers of large format, sintered porcelain thin slabs.



Slabs are available in 30 colors each with their own distinct color and texture.  Slab thickness is 3mm, 5mm & 10mm while slab size is 4ft. high x 12 ft. long.


Common Uses:

Extremely versatile due to its durability and large size, Neolith slabs are used for a number of interior applications such as, countertops, walls, floors, furniture and cabinet cladding. While Neolith’s UV resistance, near zero moisture absorption and acid resistance make it is a perfect material for exterior decking, building cladding, outdoor kitchen cabinetry, counters and built in furniture.


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