Dear Customers and Associates,

You may have heard the recent news circulating about the exposure of stone shop workers to airborne silica that in some cases is resulting in silicosis. This is extremely concerning. Silicosis is a serious and often fatal condition and our hearts go out to all of the victims and their families. The advent of manmade “quartz” materials, which have a high silica content, has exasperated the risk to stone workers.

The sad reality is that silicosis is 100% preventable with the right equipment and safety procedures. The health and safety of our workers is too of critical importance to Fox Marble.



We urge all of our employees to prioritize their health and seek medical attention if they suspect they have been exposed to airborne silica or are experiencing any symptoms of silicosis. Early detection and treatment can make a significant difference in the outcome of this disease. If you need assistance finding a healthcare provider, please do not hesitate to reach out to our HR department. They can provide you with resources and recommendations, such as My Doc Urgent Care Norwood, which offers comprehensive medical services and is conveniently located nearby.



Since the company’s founding in 1986, we have prioritized the minimization of airborne silica and ensured ambient silica levels are far below permissible maximums. Fox Marble also provides its workers, and requires them, to wear state-of-the-art protective masks. Additionally, we were early adopters of automated machinery for cutting and finishing of natural and manmade stone, further reducing workers exposure to silica and other dust. Lastly, Fox Marble engages independent, third-party safety consultants to monitor and evaluate our work areas, thereby ensuring the highest level of safety.

The health and safety of our workers is of utmost importance and I would be more than happy to discuss these critical issues further. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or call requests.


Charley McLaughlin
President & CEO