Ultra-Strong Pyrolave, Made From Lava Rock

Favorite exports from France: Perfume, wine and Pyrolave, a super-tough countertop material that comes in amazing colors.

Pyrolave is a relatively new product, quarried mostly in France by hand. The fact that it is lava rock coated with a hard enamel means it can be installed indoors or outdoors and still look great after years of use.

As a Northern California supplier of Pyrolave, Fox Marble is pleased to offer this beautiful product to our Bay Area customers.

The professionals at Fox Marble have extensive experience installing natural and engineered stone surfaces like Pyrlave in commercial and residential settings. To be certain your countertop looks and performs its best, our experts take their time to make seams invisible and ensure the fit is perfect.

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The Properties of Pyrolave

Probably the most striking quality of Pyrolave is the spectrum of colors from which to choose.

Imagine a fiery-red Pyrolave kitchen countertop to balance blond wood cabinets, or a lustrous lavender vanity surface for the bathroom. A yellow Pryolave bar with a matte ultra smooth finish will be a conversation starter every time guests come over.

Brilliant colors and a variety of finishes are possible though a manufacturing process in which the lava rock is glazed with enamel, then baked at high temperatures. Fine cracks and slight imperfections are part of the beauty and unique look of Pyrolave surfaces.

Pyrolave is also non-porous, so scratches, stains or sudden changes in weather are never a concern. It also never needs sealing. In fact, maintaining a Pyrolave counter consists of wiping with a damp cloth, so it works in the powder room or patio.

See Pyrolave in person at Fox Marble’s San Francisco Bay Area showroom at 1208 Hensley Street, Richmond and prepare to be impressed. A customer service representative will be available to answer your questions or to schedule a consultation to your home or workplace.

Call Fox Marble today at 415-671-1149.

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Yellow Pyrolave Sink
Yellow Pyrolave Sink
Pyrolave Countertop with Drain Board
Pyrolave Countertop with Drain Board
Pyrolave Blue Kitchen Island
Pyrolave Blue Kitchen Island



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