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Measuring and Fabrication

Talk about precision craftsmanship. In working with stone, there’s no margin for error. So our skilled technician team measures each project with impeccable care using state-of-the-art laser measuring and CAD processing. Both digital and wood templates are used, making it a true mix of leading technology and time-honored hand craftsmanship. In fabrication, Fox Marble has invested substantially in the industry’s most accurate and up-to-date equipment. Here’s an overview of our three most recent machines.

  • Fusion 4245: With a saw blade and water jets in one unit, the Fusion is fully integrated with our digital layout studio and CNC processing computers, for the ultimate in efficiency and precision.
  • Flow CNC water jets: Using a mix of water and abrasive, under extremely high pressure, the jets cut perfectly straight lines and curves to the exacting measurements entered by the CAD operator.
  • CNC milling machines: These powerful, computerized machines excel at carving, drilling, milling, profiling, tapering and grinding stone for projects like sink cutouts and drain boards.

At Fox Marble we recently expanded our facility with additional square footage for our craftsman to hand finish each project. The larger space offers an even better environment to focus on attention to detail.

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