This changes everything. NEOLITH is a breakthrough, high-tech porcelain slab that makes the most demanding architectural projects easy, offering the ultimate combination of functionality and beauty for interiors, exteriors and furnishings.




Surfaces this lightweight aren’t supposed to be this impervious. But that’s the beauty of Neolith. It resists pretty much everything. The hottest temperatures, even direct flames, won’t cause marks or hazardous fumes. With a near zero absorption rate, acidic liquids and tough cleansers can’t touch it. It doesn’t scratch, chip, bend or fade in the sun, which is why Neolith is quickly becoming a popular exterior building material, too.


Its large slab size makes Neolith perfect for larger applications, with fewer joints and excellent mechanical properties. It’s unique combination of incredible strength and reduced thickness means it works in a vast range of solutions, particularly in kitchens, including countertops, floors, walls and much more. It’s amazing lightness makes it easy to transport, handle and install, while reducing the load factor on claddings.


Neolith is 100% eco-friendly, composed entirely of natural clays, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides and manufactured to the strictest environmental standards. Its long-lasting colors come from 100% natural pigments and it’s completely recyclable into raw materials for other uses. But Neolith is also healthy for you. It emits no toxic fumes or harmful substances, making it ideal for surfaces in contact with food.


Naturally colorful and attractive, Neolith is available with several finishes and a wide range of colors that originate from the pigmentation of the raw materials. That’s also what guarantees color stability over time. With its remarkable durability, versatility, sustainability and range of beautiful colors and finishes, you’re looking at the future of the construction industry.


With its remarkable resistance to heat, scratching and low absorption rate, Neolith is the ideal surface for kitchens, baths, exterior kitchens and entertaining areas like bar tops.
Neoltith is durable enough for heavy transit areas such as kitchens, entryways, exterior patios and pool decks. Light, with fewer joints, it’s also perfect for elevated flooring.
Interior Wall Cladding
Wainscoting, shower and batch wet walls, fireplace surrounds, entry accent walls. Neolith is the best choice for any wall that requires a durable, lightweight, large format surface.
Exterior Cladding
Neolith is light, resistant to atmospheric agents with low absorption and high color retention. Plus, its large slab dimensions facilitate rapid coverage of the whole surface area.
The ultimate combination of unique aesthetics and performance makes Neolith ideal for tables, benches, case goods and shelving. Its remarkable durability is tailor made for exterior furnishings.
Large Format Sizing
Because its large slabs are so quick to install, Neolith is a great choice for projects and building sites in which execution time is a determining factor.
Hygienic Environments
Neolith gives off no harmful substances, so it’s ideas for large surface areas that need to be covered in resistant, easy-to-clean material. [/main-uses]

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