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Vetrazzo Countertops for an Eco-Friendly Surface

Vetrazzo countertops are ideal for property owners who want an alternative look to traditional countertops with the reassurance of knowing they are using a sustainable product.

Created in the 1990s by a Berkeley scientist, Vetrazzo countertops consist of recycled glass embedded in a cement binder and other recyclable materials. Although up to 85 percent of any Vetrazzo countertop is glass, the surface is very smooth to the touch and looks like a highly-polished stone.

Unlike many other surface materials, Vetrazzo is manufactured in the U.S. and is earth-friendly. In fact, a Vetrazzo countertop made of recycled materials can itself be recycled.

San Francisco-based Fox Marble is proud to offer Vetrazzo to our customers in northern California. We understand many of our customers wish to incorporate green technology in their homes and properties. Vetrazzo and the energy-saving process by which it is created is as green as it gets.

Learn more about Vetrazzo surfaces by calling Fox Marble today at 415-671-1149. Want to view the material firsthand? See and touch Vetrazzo in person at our showroom, located at 1315 Armstrong Avenue in San Francisco.

The Many Qualities of Vetrazzo Countertops

Designers and homeowners choose Vetrazzo for interior and exterior construction or renovations for several reasons:

• An incredible color palette. How many hues does glass come in? The variety of recycled glass used in manufacturing Vetrazzo results in every slab being unique.

• Durability. Since Vetrazzo has been introduced, it has worn exceptionally well. Cleaning consists of wiping with a damp cloth, and just a periodic sealing is required to keep Vetrazzo looking like new. In high-traffic commercial settings, Vetrazzo surfaces show little sign of deterioration.

• Versatility. Vetrazzo materials can be used anywhere natural or engineered stone materials are used, including kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor patios, eating or writing surfaces.

The Fox Marble team has worked hard to become a certified fabricator and installer of Vetrazzo countertops. We’re eager to explain to you the many benefits of using this man-made product in your home or workplace.

Contact us today by emailing a customer service specialist or calling us at 415-671-1149.

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Recycled Glass Countertops
Recycled Glass Countertops
Vetrazzo Countertop made with Recycled Glass Bottles
Vetrazzo Countertop made with Recycled Glass Bottles
Vetrazzo Countertop
Vetrazzo Countertop



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