Fox Marble

Excellence. From the Ground Up.

  • 100% sustainable stonework manufacturing processes in San Francisco, CA


    Fox Marble is fully committed to the latest sustainable practices, recycling all manufacturing waste for zero haul off. No manufacturing byproducts end up in landfill. We also utilize state of the art machinery, best safety practices & third party safety consultants to assure our employees a safe & sustainable workplace.  

  •  Fully sustainable stonework processes

    Our onsite wastewater treatment plant allows us to re-use over 90% of the water used in our facility, with zero wastewater discharge. 

  •  Efficient energy utilization

    A state of the art air compressor system continually monitors energy usage for increased efficiency.  

  •  Digital stonework measuring tools

    New digital measuring systems are taking the place of plywood skins for installation templates, a process that saves countless trees every year.

  •  Unused stone is recycled for use in roads and concrete

    All unusable stone scraps are recycled to produce aggregate for concrete and road base.