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Granite, marble and engineered stone countertop

Pre-Template Checklists save time and money.

Fox Marble provides contractors and homeowners with handy checklists to review when embarking on a new stone project. You can access them on this page under downloads. Then, go through the steps to make sure you’re covering every necessary detail to make your project go smoothly and look great.

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Custom stone fireplace

Marrone & Marrone & Fox create a masterpiece.

A fireplace is often the visual centerpiece of a room. So, when Marrone & Marrone General Contractors set out to create a dazzling, classic natural stone fireplace, they turned to Fox Marble. Although we were working with huge slabs of dimensional stone, the project required intensely precise measuring and computer numeric controlled equipment to meet[…..]

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Tureks Stone Collection and Quarry

Turkish Delight: The Turkish Stone Collection

Some of the world’s beautiful stone comes from Turkey. At Fox Marble, we source directly from the country’s most distinguished supplier, which was founded as a small stone workshop over 30 years ago. Today, using leading edge techniques, they mine stone from quarries throughout Turkey. Marble, Travertine, Granite, Limestone and Onyx from our supplier has[…..]

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