Fox Marble

Excellence. From the Ground Up.

Designcorps + Design Studio work with Fox Marble to turn a sketch into reality and deliver a client’s dream kitchen island.


Inspired by flowing fountains bathed in gleaming sunlight, this kitchen island is a work or art. Designcorps and the homeowners brought Fox sketches and blueprints for their dream kitchen island, a functional island with the modern conveniences of a sink, built-in shelves, automated drawers and a seating area that would also be the artistic centerpiece of their kitchen.

Island sketch

Orientation of the island was important to capture the sunlight throughout the day from multiple skylights above to give the thick chiseled edge a sense of ever-changing movement and life.

Handcrafted four-inch laminated edges, chiseled and sealed for a seamless and natural appearance, complete the flowing fountain theme.

Edge detail and leg detail2 level edge detail

“When you are designing unique and beautiful kitchens, you need look, no further than Fox Marble for stonework. I can push the boundaries in design and detail with Fox and have confidence that they will deliver. They truly provide top-notch craftsmanship and professional service that is equal to none.” – Meehyun Kun Kurtzman, AIA LEED, AP

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