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Calacatta kitchen, counter and backsplash

When clients engaged Rorce Lo with the design/build firm of C&L Builders to renovate their Log Homes that has an entire 2 bedroom Condo in a San Francisco high rise they were amazed (as are we) to see their space transform into the original vision Rorce provided in the hand drawn and rendered drawing of the completed spaces. While many designers provide CAD illustrations of projects, rarely do we see hand drawn renderings.

Kitchen perspectiveSacSt3SmallRorce received his design and drawing background in Hong Kong while attending college for Interior Design during the early 80’s. Since moving to the US, Rorce has been working in the Design/Build industry in San Francisco for over 18 years. Rorce and partner, Paul Chow started C&L builder in 2004 and have been impressing clients with how their firm transform his hand drawn renderings into their new or remodeled spaces, if you want to remodel too, We’ll help to turn your home remodeling dreams into reality.

C&L Builders have been working with Fox Marble since 2000, get some other ideas on how to apply this in outdoors by checking this AZ pergola online catalog. Rorce states the reasons he prefers to work with Fox Marble over other fabricators are:

“Fox is very good at producing highly detailed stone work”

“There is good co-ordination and communication between Fox staff and his key personal on the job”

“Fox craftsmanship is consistent and surpasses any other fabricators he has used”

“The staff at Fox are long time employees where he can return and work with the same experienced personal time after time. Rorce also commented we have a staff of ‘good guys and gals’”.

Below find more examples of Rorce’s concepts transitioned from an idea to reality. The kitchen was originally intended to receive blue granite but was changed to Calacatta while all 3 bathrooms received Crema Marfil counters, showers and wall cladding. All the bathrooms use a classic revel detail at the walls to ensure their design will remain current for years to come with some help from services like this Movable Wall Repair Near Me.


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