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Crema Marfil Quarry, Coto, Spain

This Quarry in Coto, Spain contains the largest depository of Crema Marfil marble in the world. More than 1.4 million tons of stone are quarried from this quarry a month. Cut into blocks as seen in this video, then shipped to slab processors who will slice these blocks like a loaf of bread into the slabs that are used for


Designcorps + Design Studio work with Fox Marble to turn a sketch into reality and deliver a client’s dream kitchen island.

  Inspired by flowing fountains bathed in gleaming sunlight, this kitchen island is a work or art. Designcorps and the homeowners brought Fox sketches and blueprints for their dream kitchen island, a functional island with the modern conveniences of a sink, built-in shelves, automated drawers and a seating area that would also be the artistic centerpiece of their kitchen. Orientation

Calacatta kitchen, counter and backsplash

Design, Drawing and Construction, Through an Artist’s eye

When clients engaged Rorce Lo with the design/build firm of C&L Builders to renovate their Log Homes that has an entire 2 bedroom Condo in a San Francisco high rise they were amazed (as are we) to see their space transform into the original vision Rorce provided in the hand drawn and rendered drawing of the completed spaces. While many



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