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Chateau St. Jean founder’s statue is restored to its former glory

Chateau St. Jean vineyards located in Sonoma, CA had removed their founders statue from a fountain at the winery years ago. This Terra Cotta ceramic sculpture was commissioned in 1980 by the artist Patricia Hopper of Fresno, CA.

During her relocation she was damaged, with several decorative pieces breaking off along with hands and fingers being severed when the basket broke off from the main body.

IMG_2737IMG_2735 (1419x1900)

The joint where the upper body fit into the lower body also sustained damage to the decorative belt that was fashioned at this area. The maintenance staff placed her in a cradle and erected some bracing to protect her while they figured out how to repair her and where her new home at the winery would be.


IMG_2733 (1900x1419) IMG_2736 (1419x1900)

When Jean was originally created she was made in several pieces to ease her transportation and erection. These joints at her waist and where her hand and basket were broke during her removal from the fountain. Fox reattached these parts to the main body and these attachments were reinforced with internal steel bars. After all the pieces and parts were reassembled Fox focused on recreating the few missing pieces, just like getting to the end of the puzzle to find the last piece is lost.

IMG_3561 (1419x1900) IMG_3562 (1900x1419)

After recreating those last few pieces, Fox custom matched the color of the terra cotta tile with grout and filled cracks, joints and voids as needed. The winery returned to Fox with their truck and Jean was gingerly placed in the back and secured for her return home to wine country. The winery is now planning a event to celebrate Jean’s return to good health.

Fox Marble is constantly called on to repair or reproduce all kinds of stone and related items such as planters, fountains, table bases and a variety of unique and challenging projects. If we can assist with a project of yours, we welcome the opportunity.


Chateau St. Jean Winery