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Custom stone fireplace

A fireplace is often the visual centerpiece of a room. So, when Marrone & Marrone General Contractors set out to create a dazzling, classic natural stone fireplace, they turned to Fox Marble. Although we were working with huge slabs of dimensional stone, the project required intensely precise measuring and computer numeric controlled equipment to meet the very exacting specifications. Each layer in the design had to be fabricated and installed separately. The results, however, were nothing short of stunning.

From Greg Marrone:

“We have worked closely with Fox Marble for over two decades, now, and find their work to be of the highest quality. They have the tooling and expertise necessary for the most sophisticated of projects, and they also import a wonderful range of stone, making the process simpler and smoother for the designers and architects with whom we work.  I recommend them wholeheartedly.”

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